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In a world of depravity, oppression, and so many mishaps, People go through different things they don’t and can’t understand, things they can’t comprehend or even talk about on regular basis. There are a lot of happenings around us and pertinent burning questions  in our hearts, even as God deals with us uniquely and individually to make us better individuals and personalities. Mylivinghope helps you know you’re never alone, neither are you abandoned by sharing encouragements (Thrill of hope) and real life intervention stories  of real life individuals (Beam of hope). There is something so powerful about your ability to turn that which the enemy intended for your harm or disadvantage (visible disadvantage), that which normally should crush you into a message. It makes you better equipped to strengthen and help others. Mylivinghope is a place where you can share your travails, trials, triumph and intervention stories to receive strength and encouragement and also to help your neighbour. It’s a safe haven where you’re always welcome. Luke 22;32b ‘when you ‘ve come through the time of testing, turn to your companions and give them a fresh start’ (msg).  This is a place of fresh starts and new beginnings irrespective of whatever your past and present visible disadvantages might be.  Christ in you and me, the hope of glory!




  • That all may know that hope does not disappoint as there is no hopeless situation/circumstance with God. Jesus is forever the living hope.1 pet. 1:3.
  • To help people turn their misery into ministry.
  • Restoring hope, modelling wholeness, promoting wellbeing and raising lifelines of hope.


    • To help people encounter God by that which should naturally crush them.
    • To raise a generation that would constantly be lifelines of hope and hopeful living.
    • Sharing living hope real life intervention experiences for edification and encouragement.
    • A safe place of encouragement where everyone is accepted.

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Meet P. Wums

‘Wunmi Falodun is a diligent and an addicted lover of God who believes in possibilities and interventions.  A high flyer, a focused and enthusiastic follower of God, saved by grace, helped by God, blessed to be kept, does her best to live a simple Christian life by the help of God. Alive to the responsibilities of divine greatness inherent in her. Charged with the message of hope, she believes there are no hopeless situations with God. Fondly called P.wums by her friends and loved ones, a nickname she acquired during her undergraduate days of being a student pastor.
She is a registered nurse and holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing science (B.NSc) from Igbinedion University Okada and master’s degree in nursing in view.





JULY 3, 2017

The Beautified Network is set to hold the 3rd edition of her annual conference tagged-Becoming. The conference aims at empowering young women between the ages of 18 and 35 to discover purpose, live up to their full potential and contribute their quota to social change and the world at large.


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OCTOBER 26, 2016

Dearest, I am sure that all is well with you and yours. I know it’s been a while, but I have been up and about. I told you some time ago that something was cooking, well…..
I was 14years and 5months old, when my mum died. The first thing I asked God was: "how dare you?" "How did this happen on your watch?" I was so angry and hurt, I felt as though God failed and disappointed me.





DECEMBER 30, 2015

It's that time of the year again when people take stock of their lives and review how they spent the year. Some also even go a step further to make New Year resolutions and the likes, deciding to change this and that. While some brood over what should have been that is not and so on..... Perhaps 2015 didn't pan out exactly the way you expected or just looking back you have some regrets and you're seeing those things you should and would have done differently.




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